Cards & Badges

Access cards, membership cards, discount cards, subscriptions, loyalty cards: the plastic card is in everyone’s wallet.

We help you stand out from the competition!

Imprint, thickness, shape or innovative aspects such as transparency or 3D let you modulate the card to collectors items. Whether for single copies or millions telecom cards or mass distribution in bulk supply.

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Plastic cards can be provided with identification data. A name, number or passport photo are some visual possibilities for identificating people. A card can also be digitally read by means of a Barcode or QR code that can be read with cash scanners.

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Give your card a professional look by wearing a lanyard around the neck with a matching cardholder.

Create a unique image for your company or organization.

Cardcenter offers a wide range of card holders, clips, yo-yos and lanyards. Also card wallets or cardboxes for storing tickets.

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Card Center delivers complete services. From graphic design to the mailbox.

You give your addresses and we take care of printing your letterhead and envelopes. Then we bring the card to your personalized letter and place it in the envelope. This as with or without the addition of the plastic card. Once we take care of all operations performed in the post-release MassPost centers. A complete package from A to Z.

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Loyalty system

SAVE POINTS: Ideal saving program for retailers who are looking for easy savings and exchange these points for purchases from the store.

SESSION CARD: Simply put 10 turns on the sessioncard and reduce it at every start of the lesson or session in your club, wellness or other environment.

SYSTEM PAYMENT: Load the card with an amount of money and use it as a payment in the club or use the card as a gift for the store.

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DILOCA – Your Digital Card

Your DIGITAL CARD for your organization!

  • Provide your customers with a full digital card!
  • Quickly and easy!
  • No plastic, no waste, no transport and no energy!

We make your DIGITAL CARD provided with your Identity, Logo, Address, Image and QR-code.

Use it as a new digital Client card, Member card, Ticket or Access voucher…

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